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Advanced Treaments

Rezenerate                                       60 min.  $125  /  5 for $575

Uses nanotechnology to deliver active serums deeply into the skin. Diminish fine lines
and speed healing with this non-invasive alternative to Microneedling.


MicroPhototherapy                          45 min.  $120  /  8 for $840

Uses light and heat energy (LHE) to promote skin rejuvenation and collagen renewa to
jump-start the skins natural healing response. Diminishes signs of aging-fine lines,
hyperpigmentation and visible capillaries.


Enhancer Elite                                  45 min. $100  /  5 for $450

Combines ultrasound, micro-current and LED technology for superior product absorption.
Skin looks and feels younger, smoother, tighter and revitalized.


Chemical Corrective Peel               45 min. $120  /  3 for $300

Chemical peels use powerful alpha and beta hydroxyl acids to accelerate the skin’s
natural exfoliation process. Visible reduction of pigmentation, fine lines and
improvement of acne conditions happen as new cells surface in a week.


Non Chemical Corrective Peel       45 min. $120  /  5 for $500

A less invasive option uses Retinaldehyde to gently stimulate collagen and elastin
production, increase fibroblast production and remodel the dermis, resulting in firmer,
refreshed skin from the inside out.