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Welcome To N2Skin

N2Skin Boutique Facial Spa successfully combines technology with advanced cosmeceutical ingredients to optimize skin health and appearance.  Certified Holistic Skin Specialist and Oncology trained, Susette is dedicated to revealing your best skin possible – at any age!



Signature Custom Relaxation                  60 min.    $85 Tailored uniquely to you and your specific skin needs. Includes sonic technology, hot/cold therapy and upper body massage.   Vitamin C Oxygen                                     […]

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Advanced Treaments

Rezenerate                                       60 min.  $125  /  5 for $575 Uses nanotechnology to deliver active serums deeply into the skin. Diminish fine lines and speed healing with this non-invasive alternative to Microneedling.   MicroPhototherapy         […]

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Holistic Therapies

Kansa Wand                                                       60 min.      $125 Ayurveda experience for the face and head. Designed to open meridians or “chi” and recharge and harmonize subtle energies of the […]

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